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The secret to not freezing up around native Spanish speakers?

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Join these awesome folks in using Interpolly to improve your Spanish.

Interpolly is a super fun and immersive way to practice language learning! The approach is truly different from other methods I’ve tried and I love how it blends auditory learning and reading in a real-world way. Being able to hear from tons of different native speakers is a big plus and it’s easy to work into your routine as something that’s also enjoyable. 

Natalie Gates


I’ve been learning Spanish for a year, and Interpolly has really helped give context to my lessons. I especially enjoy learning from the music videos. I often find myself singing along in Spanish to my favourite songs from Interpolly 🙂 

I can’t wait for my next trip to Spain to put my learning into practice! 

Debs Cormode


You might be wondering…

Sing Shakira at the Top of Your Lungs, Ask the Cute Barista out on a Date, Laugh with Denver From Money Heist…

Whatever you’re going to do with your Spanish, unlock it with Interpolly. 

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